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i didnt fuck her yet but i got oral

things got good with my step aunt

she texted me to come over and help dig up a tree stump in the backyard with a =). So I said okay no problem I have nothing going on :). I walk into the house (house is very big btw) met up with her in the dining room, still in her nice work clothes. She shows me where to dig up, nothing to hard maybe 30 minutes of work. She tells me she is going to go run on the tread mill and if I need her to come down stairs to get her because no ones home (with a wink). I start to work and about 25 minutes almost done she texted me, ”how are things going” I say good im sweating like crazy, ”good because so am i”. Honestly that gave me a hard on, so I walk into the kitchen and I sit down at the table while she started to cook something, (im thinking to myself I need to grow some balls and make a move because 1. no ones home 2. shes hot and sweaty 3. I am horny 4. she is horny 5. she is a milf 6. she is wearing leggings 7. shes giving out signals like crazy)  I saw my perfect chance to make a move when she bent over to put something in the oven. I made my way in between her bent over and the counter where (yes I still had a hard on fantasizing) I slowly pass her and my dick grazes her ass and I lightly touch her left ass cheek. And I go to the refrigerator. I close the door and bam there she is, she says ”right now would be the best time to make these moves” SHE FUCKING KISSED ME, I kissed her back, started to make out. Found out her tongue is pierced also. She tells me to sit tight, comes back a minute later (she went to get her brand new vibrating tongue ring), we made out for about 10 minutes before groping started to happen. I felt her up and she felt me up. I took off her leggings and shirt and she pulled my pants down. (now I have gotten many bj’s and handjobs but this one was crazy, never has this happened before) She spit in her hand, started to jerk me off, started to lick and suck the head. (tongue ring on btw) now this is where it got good, she spit in her hand again and just wrapped it around my cock (did not start jerking) and started sucking and licking my balls and taint, the feeling of the mini vibration was unbearable I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did and without actually jerking me off. I moaned her name ( aunt tina) and finally came, right in her mouth and all over her face, I started to rub her clit when she got the text saying her kids are on their way home. She told me to come over this weekend when everyone is asleep, and I can do whatever I can think of to her… hello anal! tell me more sex positions I can do with her please!

my uncle and step aunt really hate each other now a days, he wants a divorce and they don’t really speak to each other but still live in the same house, I was over their house today and I went to the bathroom to take a piss, I didn’t lock the door and she accidently walked in on me, I saw her glance down at my dick and smile then close her eyes and turned around. Didn’t think anything about it and we didn’t say anything about it, now when I left she hugged me and kissed my cheek, so close that if I would of blinked we would of been lips to lips and then she proceeded to wink, I am going to try and fuck her in every hole shes got… now might I add I am 21 and she is 46, nice skinny blonde, legs for days and beautiful tight ass , not the best tits, a little flat but wont stop me from sticking my cock in between them


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looking for a lesbian shit partner? cant do any better than this.


looking for a lesbian shit partner? cant do any better than this.




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